Susana Diaz defends that there has not been a single issue in her Government

Image result for president of the board susana diazSEVILLA, 13 (EUROPA PRESS)

The president of the Board, Susana Diaz, said Thursday before the House of Parliament that the PP-A is “nervous” because, despite having “tried everything”, has not been able to find a single “stain” in his Government and, for that reason it is necessary to “go back” to cases of ten or fifteen years ago that are being investigated in the courts, while the president of the popular ones, Juanma Moreno, has accused her of “covering up corruption” and has demanded stop “playing with stability” in the community.

Susana Diaz has defended, during her debate with Moreno in the control session of the House Plenary, that Andalusia is an “example of stability” and that there are half a million unemployed less since she is president. He wanted to make it clear that he has a solid Government, with priorities, objectives and that he is working, which has allowed Andalusia to grow as it has not grown before, and that today has the highest GDP in its history and with a record in exports.

It has also put in value that it will be the first community to go out to the financial markets because “it has done things right”. At the same time, he has indicated that the arrival of the PSOE to the Government of the nation has made possible that there is now a president, Pedro Sánchez, who is on the phone every time he calls and is willing to “unlock” all the problems that the Previous Executive of the PP “frozen”.

Image result for andalusian parliamentHe stressed that Andalusia has a government and a president who “always raise their voices” in defense of the interests of this land with strength, strength and vigor, “above the party.”

Opposite, according to the president, is the PP-A and its president who “only worries about the date of the elections”, something he has been talking about for a year, without having contributed anything else to the community. Susana Díaz has referred to Moreno’s “year of suffering”, in that he has not “scratched the ball” and does not know “where he is”.

Also, he has reproached him for one day criticizing Ciudadanos (Cs) and the other prays to see if he joins them after the regional elections and “the accounts come out.” In his opinion, Moreno is now a “peephole in the fight” held by Pablo Casado and Albert Rivera, “oblivious to the interests of this land” and is not able to see what the Andalusian Government is doing.

Regarding the fact that Moreno has demanded that he present the Andalusian Budgets for 2019, the president has ironized with the fact that these days he has come to offer to negotiate those accounts. “It happens to him as bad students, as he has not done anything in three and a half years, now he is only worried about the exam date,” he said.

As for the PP-A president’s accusations of “covering up corruption in the community,” such as the use of credit cards in the now-defunct Faffe, the president has indicated that the PP-A has not been able to find “a single macula” to his Government, although he has tried everything and has tried to “sow shadow”.

“He has not been able to find the slightest error or absolutely nothing that the Government does not feel proud of,” Susana Díaz said to Juanma Moreno. “His nervous breakdown responds to that and he has to resort to issues of ten and fifteen years ago and that the Board took to court and are being investigated,” he said.


Image result for electionsFor his part, Moreno has denounced that while Pedro Sánchez has become a “problem” for all Andalusians, with “failure after failure, with rectification after rectification and with lurch after lurch” of his Government, as has been seen before migratory crisis and the issue of the workload in Navantia, the Andalusian Executive is set to “play with the date of elections” and the “stability” of this community.

After alerting of the “destruction” of employment during the somewhat more than one hundred days of the Government of Sanchez and the news that arrives on the cooling of the economy, Moreno has criticized that the PSOE-A and Citizens are “playing with political instability and institutional “, with economic consequences for all Andalusians.

She has told Susana Diaz that the national president of Cs, Albert Rivera, has had to come to Andalusia to tell him that there will be “early elections in the fall”, which is “surprising”. He has demanded that the president stop “playing with the stability of Andalusia” and that she start working by bringing to Parliament the Budget for 2019 and to look for “sufficient consensus” so that she can move forward, because that is “her responsibility and obligation “.

For Moreno, this has been a “blank” legislature, due to the “anxiety” of Susana Díaz “to cover the inability” of her Government’s management and the “corruption”. He has said that the PSOE-A and the president “tremble” with the possibility of knowing everything that happened with the public money that was handled in the extinct Faffe.

He expressed his conviction that Susana Díaz “will not consent” that the Faffe commission of inquiry be launched in Parliament, thus preventing “outlets, waste or irregular contracts” from coming to light. the expenses in celebrations, meals, hotels and up to 15,000 euros in a brothel, “paid by all the Andalusians”. It has indicated that this last fact is “reprehensible from the administrative, political, and moral point of view”, which should force the president, as a woman, to react instead of remaining “silent”.

Also, he has alluded to the PSOE-A’s concern about the “sword of Damocles that is the ruling of the case of the ERE, which calls into question the management of socialist governments of 20 years.”

He has warned the president that, at the end of his term, he will move on to “history to cover up corruption” and to the “social and economic setback” in Andalusia. He has told him that stability in the community depends on one thing: “to think about Andalusia and the Andalusians for once in life and not think about you”.