Frances McDormand to make “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” movie

Photo credit: Camilla Morandi / Corbis

In a profile of Frances McDormand, The New York Times Writer Frank Bruni revealed on Wednesday that the Oscar-winning actress has acquired the rights to Michael Pollan’s bestseller The omnivore’s dilemma.

Pollan is, like The New York Times dubbed him in 2006, a “liberal foodie intellectual” whose work is largely concerned with what he believes to be a nefarious tension between nature and industry. In The omnivore’s dilemma, for whom Pollan won a James Beard Foundation award in 2007, he made this idea understood with a critique of modern agribusiness.

Important stuff, but not very glamorous. McDormand was never the glamorous type, choosing roles such as a pregnant Minnesota police chief in Fargo and a lunatic math teacher in the upcoming HBO series Olive kitterridge. In this new project, she hopes to “weave strands” of by Pollan Most popular non-fiction work “in a fictional tale of how far people travel, in their food and soul, from the earth,” Bruni wrote. “She would have a supporting role, as the protagonist’s mother, who has terminal cancer.”

It’s unclear when the movie might debut, but we’ll watch it.

Did you read The omnivore’s dilemma? What did you think?

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