Is it okay to open your spouse’s mail?



ALBANY, NY (NEWS10) – Today’s social dilemma came from Joe. He emailed me about a problem he has with his wife. Here is what he wrote:

Hi Jaime. My social dilemma is one I’m sure I’m right on, but my wife doesn’t agree. I just wanna know, am I the jerk for being mad at my wife for opening my mail? Ordinary and old mail. When I was a child, I was taught that my mail was mine and should only be opened by me. I have been married for seven years. My wife always took it upon herself to open everything that was addressed to me. I asked him several times not to do this. She just doesn’t get it, and the other day I really lost my temper. I recently had surgery and someone sent me a recovery card. I was literally in the other room. And my wife shouts: “Who is so and so? I said, “Someone I work with, why? She replied “Oh, she sent you a card.” I went into the room she was in and almost lost her. I might understand if I was out of town or something… but I was ten yards away and she could have handed me the envelope! His answer is: we are married and what is the problem and what should I hide etc. Did I give up my right to simple privacy when I got married? Am I the moron for insisting that I be alone to open the mail addressed to me? I can’t wait to hear what you and the others think about it. Thank you I like

~ Joe

It’s interesting. With me it’s pretty straightforward, if it’s an invoice or something from DMV or something that concerns both of us, it doesn’t matter who it’s addressed to, one of us can open it. BUT, if it’s clearly something personal like a card, or something from one of our employers. or members of the family, it is only opened by the person to whom it is addressed. I don’t think Joe asks for too much.

And you? Do you think that if you are married you can open your spouse’s mail? Let me know on the TRY Facebook page.


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