Mass FX Media created graphics for the hit “The Social Dilemma”

Matt and Shawna Schultz have known “The Social Dilemma” director Jeff Orlowski since they met at CU Boulder.

DENVER – A documentary on the dangers of social media hopes to move beyond awareness and create real change.

The Social Dilemma premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2020. Eight months later, in September, it was released on Netflix and quickly reached # 1.

The film’s production and graphics were done right here in Colorado.

The husband and wife team, Matt and Shawna Schultz, own Mass FX Media in Denver.

“I had a funny conversation with a director from New York, I never thought I would call Colorado to get visual effects for my movie. Shawna.

She said their unique challenge is to visualize things that will help tell the story. Anything that wasn’t filmed in the documentary, they created.

“As we looked at the early cuts, we sat down with director Jeff and he shared his take on visualizing and personifying algorithms, which are lines of code and things that happen inside computers,” how do we bring character, life and humanity to this for the movie, ”Matt said.

“I love that we can put humanity in the numbers and we can put compassion in the statistics,” Shawna said.

The Schultzes and director Jeff Orlowski have known each other from college at CU Boulder.

“We’ve been working together on various things for 10 or 11 years,” Shawna said.

Orlowski said they were excited to be working with Matt and Shawna again.

“I have so much confidence in them as a team if there is something that we are trying to solve, I know they can accomplish it,” Orlowski said.

The director of the documentary hopes that creativity, paired with a message, will spark change.

“Just like climate change, it is a very complex problem, there is no quick fix and we need the public pressure to demand the change. The way technology is designed and regulated and it is is where the audience comes in, ”Orlowski said.

He said the goal now is to use the film as a tool.

“We’re really working on creating curricula, working with schools, getting materials, and having conversations,” Orlowski said. “We are inundated with emails and requests, phenomenal stories, people changing their own behavior, students reflecting on the system they’re stuck in. Students and young people are working together to get out of these. platforms. “

For more information on The Social Dilemma‘s impact team, click here. Matt and Shawna have said that since the film their business has been booming and they hope it will shine a light on the talented film industry right here in Colorado.

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