Peter Parker balances his double life in SPIDER-MAN’S SOCIAL DILEMMA

Being a teenager has many challenges. Like, just so many hurdles to go through awkwardly. So combining the joys of high school with the complications of suddenly becoming a superhero makes for a great time. And it’s a moment that a new three-book Spider-Man series will explore. Today Nerdist can exclusively announce this new series from author Preeti Chhibber and that it starts with Spider-Man’s Social Dilemma! Plus, we’ve got a first look at the coverage.

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Nicoletta Baldari illustrated the very funny and very cute cover. The cover also features handwritten letters from Jay Roeder.

When the story begins, Peter has only been Spider-Man for a short time. Here’s the official synopsis:

Peter Parker has been swinging and making his way through New York City as Spider-Man for just a few months, and balancing his double life is complicated. He goes to school and tries not to embarrass himself in front of his crush, MJ; he takes pictures for the Daily Bugle and tries not to embarrass himself in front of his boss, J. Jonah Jameson; and he fights crime at night and. . . well, he’s still trying not to embarrass himself. Easier said than done when you’re a teenager with spider powers you’re still getting used to.

On top of all of this, notorious villain Sandman is acting stranger than ever, social media seems to be wreaking havoc on MJ, and someone continues to try and steal an artifact that’s believed to be fueled by alien matter. . . which cannot be good. Something strange is happening and Peter is determined to figure out what it is before things turn from the strange to the dangerous.

Spider-Man’s Social Dilemma this is not the first time that Chhibber has written in the Marvel Universe. She writes the Avengers Assembly series with illustrator James Lancett, and she wrote Peter and Ned’s Ultimate Travel Diary for Spider-Man: Far From Home. But this particular project saw the light of day in 2019.

Chhibber says, “Waaaay in March 2019 my editor Emeli Juhlin emailed me asking if I would be interested in writing an original Spider-Man trilogy and I quickly lost my mind then once I got it back I wrote back an enthusiastic “Yes!” There were a few iterations of what the project would be like, so it took a while to settle in between me, Emeli and our colleagues at Marvel Comics.

And to the extent that Spider-Man’s Social Dilemma, explains Chhibber, “Regarding the idea… an era of Spidey that I love and always wanted to explore for kids, in particular, is that in the meantime, after he became a hero, but before he really knew how to do it. I also really wanted to have a romantic comedy element in the story and give Mary Jane her own lens. She’s an important point of view in the book and history wouldn’t work without it.

Spider-Man’s Social Dilemma arrives July 12, 2022.

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