Should the office know if you’re dating your boss?

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ALBANY, NY (NEWS10) – Today’s 98.3 TRY social dilemma came from Lily and it’s all about dating. Here is his email:

Hi Jaime. I have a little dilemma. I started dating my boss in November and no one knows. It’s not against company policy, but it would be frowned upon. We care about each other and we have a lot of fun! My friends are having a big after Christmas party this weekend and I want to bring him, but he doesn’t think he should come. He is afraid that someone at work will see a picture of us together and he thinks that for now we should keep quiet. I told him we should just go public with our relationship, but he’s weird about it. He thinks it’ll make me look bad, and he says he doesn’t want my reputation ruined. I’m proud of our relationship and I want to show off my man! Is it a red flag that he doesn’t want to publicize our relationship, or is he right? Thank you very much Jaime… Happy New Year

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Well, it’s difficult. I know dating your boss can be tough. If everything works, that’s great, but if it doesn’t, it can lead to drama. But I guess Lily and her boss are adults who could handle it. And I understand his boss’ feelings but at this point I think it should be out in the open. Especially at work. In my experience, people can figure these things out anyway, so better be honest. It’s just my point of view.

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