What are the minimum requirements to apply for a loan


http://handi-lib.fr/?sarkoma=%C3%A9vron-site-rencontre-haute&09c=ec Has it happened to you that you find institutions that claim to support you to get a loan but it seems that they do everything possible to make it happen the other way? After you speak with a financial adviser for hours and you explain your economic situation as well as the life in your house and your plans for the future, they still tell you the same, that you must at least have an income of more than $ 12 thousand or that is It is necessary to have certain guarantees.

http://emcesa.com/?yaxta=eventos-en-tarragona&5a3=2e Given these scenarios, what can be done? There are not many options, you know that if you go to another banking institution something similar will happen, your dreams and your debts will have to wait until you have a higher income and your capital increases. But today there are many more options and we are one of them.

Do you want to know how easy it is to get a loan. Then read the list of minimum requirements that we request at the time of being a candidate to obtain financing.

Be a worker of a government institution:

At Credifiel, we work to support a sector of the population that on several occasions cannot access better economic conditions. This is how we create alliances with different government institutions to facilitate the process through which workers obtain immediate credits. If you work in an institution that belongs to the public sector and with which we have an agreement, then you are a candidate to obtain a loan with us.

All you have to do is go to the offices of the institution where you work and ask about the financing options you have. The moment you are told about us, get in touch with one of our advisors so that we can immediately start the process. Remember the following sentence: Being a worker of a government institution will give you the option of having a practically approved loan.

Comply with the minimum age in your financial institution:

Currently, there is much talk of the millennial generation who do not like to last so long in a company but also say that organizations no longer allow their employees to generate seniority, however, in Credifiel one of our requirements is that you have at least one year of work within the government institution.

In this way, we can ensure and corroborate your personal data to follow up and quickly exit your financial credit. Also, with the passage of time and while you continue working for a government institution you can request a refinancing if you already have an active credit with us.

If you already have 3, 5 or even more than 10 years working for the same institution within the public sector, what are you waiting to apply for your credit?

Have the term of age:

At Credifiel we know that at any age important needs can arise that require a strong economic investment. For this reason, it is that while the workers of the governmental institution reach the age of majority or have a maximum of 70 years, they can have an approved credit.

In case you did not know, in Credifiel we also grant credits for retired people and pensioners. If during your whole life you belonged and worked for the public sector, then during this stage of life you can also continue enjoying the benefits that as a retiree you can have. No matter how old, what’s really important are the benefits you want to access.

Comply with the required documents:

Do not think you need to present documents that are impossible to obtain. Sometimes the financial institutions put a lot of buts or many obstacles during the application because we do not have the complete documentation.

For us, this is not important since all the process is done through the data we obtain with the institution where you work. All we ask is that you provide us with a valid ID, proof of current address and proof of income.

Complicated documentation? For nothing, what we always seek is to make our customers happy through quick and simple procedures.

Have a payroll card:

Because we grant credits via payroll, we ask you to have a card where you receive your salary, this is how we can also make withdrawals so that you forget monthly payments and the charges are made automatically.

This also helps interest to be reduced since the guarantee that you make the payments responsibly and committed increases. In this way, a credit with Credifiel will not cost you two or three times more, as it happens with some other financial companies.

Surely it would seem so simple that you even think it’s a joke, as the saying goes, sometimes “It seems too beautiful to be real” but, at Credifiel, applying for a credit as easy is real and possible. Our loans are made and designed for government workers within the education industries, the health sector, PEMEX employees as well as retirees and pensioners of the IMSS.

If you read us already got some credit with us, do not wait for opportunities to come again and better make things happen. Apply for a refinance with us and grow your heritage and that of your children, thinking about the future and investing to have the best will always be one of the best ideas you can have. Go ahead and change your life and that of yours.