Would you use the dumpster at work to dispose of your garbage?



ALBANY, NY (NEWS10) – Friday’s 98.3 TRY social dilemma came from Richard. He wants to know if he can throw his household garbage in his work dumpster.

Hi Jaime. I have a fairly simple question. Do you use the dumpster at work to throw away the garbage? At home, I pay for the garbage collection, but they only take one garbage can. I usually bring 3-5 bags a week to work. I have 4 children, a wife, myself and animals at home… .. a lot of garbage… .. When we did the spring cleaning, I drove on the weekend and threw 14 garbage bags. Some of my colleagues have noticed this and have made sarcastic comments about it. When I lived in another city, I exclusively used my work dumpster. I have never been interviewed until now. Also, I’m not sure if my boss knows about it, but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t care. But always with colleagues, I started to talk about it more and more, it made me wonder. Is this wrong? Is it wrong to use my work bucket so much? Thank you I like. I can’t wait to hear what others think about it. Have a nice day

~ Richard

I don’t think it’s a great idea to take your trash to the work dumpster. It’s kind of like flying somehow, but that’s just me. There was a time when I had a huge box to throw away, and I asked my boss if it was okay to take it to the dumpster and she was okay with that. But other than that, and especially on a regular basis, I just wouldn’t feel good about it.

What do you think? Do you think Richard is doing something wrong using the work dumpster? Or should he stick to his own trash? Let me know what you think on the TRY Facebook page.