Is it acceptable to tip a server with a gift card?

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ALBANY, (NEWS10) – Today’s 98.3 TRY social dilemma came from Carol and it’s about tipping in restaurants. Here is his email:

Hi Jaime. Here is a dilemma that I hope you can help me with. I recently read an article in the newspaper about a man who tipped at a restaurant using an Amazon gift card. The card was $25, which was way more than a 20% tip. And apparently the waitress was furious because she wanted cash, not a gift card. I did not understand. I feel like she was mean. I must admit that I have also used gift cards for tipping in the past. It’s almost always an Amazon card because I know people can buy just about anything on Amazon. I do this because I get Amazon gift cards as a refund on my credit cards. So why not use them as a tip. They are ALWAYS over 20% on a bill. But after seeing this article, I wondered if most people felt like that waitress in the article. I sure hope not. Should I stop tipping with Amazon gift cards? I look forward to hearing what others think. Thank you very much Jaime

~ Carol

It’s interesting because I saw this article and thought the same as Carol. If everyone used a gift card to tip, that might be a problem, but one or two people using Amazon cards, I think that’s fine. really. I’ve received gift cards as payment for some events I’ve worked for outside of the radio station in the past, and it’s never bothered me.

So what do you think? Okay to tip with an Amazon gift card, or absolutely not. Let’s help Carol and let me know about the TRY the Facebook page.