ALBANY, NY (NEWS10) – Today’s 98.3 TRY social dilemma is about babies and names. Here is the email I received: Troy firefighter jumps into freezing water to save man Hi Jaime. This is a very serious issue and we are just looking for good advice. My husband and I haveRead More →

[ad_1] Danielle Campbell – Copy editor Have you ever felt like social media has a hold on you and you don’t know how or why? The Social Dilemma is a documentary on Netflix that explains how today’s technology has a hold on people, especially young people. The documentary explains inRead More →

[ad_1] Media headlines October 6 In today’s media, ESPN’s Sage Steele is pulled from the air after quashing the company’s vaccine mandate, new study suggests Critical Race Theory is infiltrating the top 25 private K-12 schools elitists of America, and Hillary Clinton announces new fiction book Facebook suffered a massiveRead More →

[ad_1] Founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, while not the only person to have created the challenges of social media today, created and developed what has become the largest social network in the world. AP photo The Truth Has a Voice Foundation (THAVF) has announced its upcoming civic engagementRead More →

[ad_1] Former Google consultant Joe Toscano slammed Facebook for putting profits before people after two “catastrophic” reports say the tech giant allows celebrities to break platform rules and that executives recognize that its photo-sharing app can be harmful to teenage girls. “The reality is that Facebook is doing business asRead More →

[ad_1] SAN FRANCISCO, August 26, 2021 / PRNewswire / – In a rare move, Netflix is ​​giving away its Emmy-nominated documentary, The Social Dilemma, for free to anyone on YouTube. The movie, which the Today Show called “breathtaking” and “the most impactful movie I’ve seen in the past three orRead More →

[ad_1] A new episode of Hollywood journalist‘s Behind the screen podcast features the filmmakers behind The social dilemma, a seven-time Emmy-nominated documentary that examines the dark side of social media. Released on Netflix, The social dilemma has received Emmy nominations for Outstanding Documentary or Non-Fiction Special, as well as inRead More →

[ad_1] As the new school year begins, Netflix is ​​making the documentary The social dilemma available for free on YouTube until the end of September. After just a few days, it recorded over 65,000 views, with one viewer commenting, “Literally one of the best and most worthy documentaries I haveRead More →

[ad_1] In 2017, director Jeff Orlowski noticed that his tech friends were starting to talk about the larger societal issues created by their industry. They were talking about the negative effects of social media and search engines leading to real-world damage, from violent protests and misinformation to abuse of privacyRead More →

[ad_1] When Britney Spears’ father Jamie Spears agreed last week to step down as curator of the pop star’s estate, it underscored the flexibility required of the editors of the non-fiction programs the story unfolds for. always during postproduction. This was the case of Geoff O’Brien and Pierre Takal, editorsRead More →